TESCOM gas pressure regulator and reducer 15 series

Product description

TESCOM gas pressure regulator and reducer 15 series

TESCOM regulator 15 Series is designed for ultra high flow applications of up to 28,300 SLPM. The 15 Series is an ultra high purity, 10 Ra, bulk gas pressure reducing regulator. Inlet of 300 psig / 20.7 bar, outlet up to 150 psig / 10.3 bar. Electronically controlled option is available. Ideal for use in facility bulk gas delivery.

TESCOM Precision fluid and pressure control solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of critical industries worldwide.TESCOM designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom engineered pressure control solutions for a diverse, global market. Whether your needs are components like regulators and instrumentation valves or pressure systems and assemblies, we provide expert application and customer support for simple industrial applications or highly complex projects. We serve industries that rely on superior pressure control, including aerospace, alternative fuels, oil & gas, and microelectronics.



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